Cybersecurity Book - On Thin Ice - by Craig Pollack

How Just ONE Cyber Attack Can Put Your Business and Finances UNDERWATER... And What YOU Can Do NOW To Stop It!

31 Cyber Security Experts Share Their Proven Strategies to Help Prevent This Imminent Threat and Protect Your Business. On Thin Ice Is Available Now on

  • Worried about the security of your network?
  • Are you doing everything you can to protect your business from hackers?
  • Have you or someone you know been hit with ransomware?
  • Don't know if someone's already in your network?

Check out my new book "On Thin Ice" and get ahead of the hackers.  Here's just some of the positive feedback already in...

👍 "As the President of a nationwide business, one of the things that used to keep me up at night was the risk that our data could be compromised, lost or stolen. Craig Pollack outlines, in laypersons language, the eight simple steps that his MSSP has employed for us that allows me to focus on the business at hand with greatly lessened concern about the impacts of bad actors." - Jerry W., Shapco 👍 "Craig presents the very real threat of ransomware in a concise and simple message: it’s there and you need to be prepared. Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that they are too small or unimportant for hackers to target when in fact the opposite is true. Craig honestly shows that it’s the human factor that is most vulnerable and that technology can only support the best human policies and training. He also emphasizes the fluid nature of cybersecurity and that one solution can never suffice - in his words, a multi-layered and vigilant approach is needed to shore up your company. Finally, Craig highlights the need to partner with a trusted MSSP. It’s not a sales pitch; rather than trying to do too much on your own, let the experts do what they do best." - David L., Churchill Management Group

"On Thin Ice is a practical guide to a very real and timely issue.  As a small business owner, it really resonated that the question is not IF but WHEN I will be vulnerable to a cyberattack.  It is a sobering thought.  However the book broke down the issue and how to address the risk systemically, as a leader, and with a multi-layered approach.  I now know how to pursue a layered approach to protection and how to discuss the risks with my leadership team and stakeholders." - Barbara P., Broad Perspective Consulting


"Many small businesses like ours once assumed that cyber-attacks and breaches just happened to the “big guys”. In our inextricably interconnected world, we’ve come to know that’s not the case. Whether it’s a threat to the POS system, ISP, client and/or employee data, or just the company email, disruptions can wreak havoc on any business – and harm people personally. We can’t eliminate all risks, but we can avoid “low hanging fruit” exposures. As Craig says, building a “cyber aware” culture – with our partners, clients, and vendors included – is key. We can embrace our uniqueness and neighborliness as small businesses without being “mom and pop” in our approach to cyber security." - Isabel C., Abernathy Insurance Agency


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On Thin Ice

The authors of this book have donated all royalties to St. Jude Children's Hospital.
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